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if you are reading this, because it means that you found us online.

We avoid more expensive forms of traditional advertising newspapers, radio, tv and rely exclusively on our own search engine optimisation skills to find new customers who want to improve their website rankings.

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London Search Engine Optimisation

A successful SEO campaign will bring you:

There are a great number of London search engine optimisation companies, but only the best of the best get listed on the first page or two of Google. The fact that you are reading this at all demonstrates the effectiveness of our SEO techniques at getting websites found. And we can achieve this for your website too.

The first step in search engine optimisation is keyword research this is where we work with you to decide the search phrases that the SEO campaign will target.

Many of our customers search for phrases like 'search engine optimisation london' or 'london search engine optimisation', so it is important that our website ranks well for these types of phrases and their variations. If you run an italian restaurant in London then your customers will probably search using phrases like 'italian restaurant london', 'london italian restaurants', or even 'kings cross italian restaurants'.

Different phrases have very different 'search frequencies' they are typed into Google anything from once per month to thousands of times per day.

It is obviously better to rank well for phrases with the highest search frequency since you'll get more traffic but these phrases also attract the highest level of competition. While this is no problem if you have a sizeable search marketing budget, but especially if you are just starting out then it may be best to get ranking for some less competitive phrases in the first instance.

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